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Here I will discuss themes of identity and how we might work with these themes together.

Identity is very personal. It can relate to our relationship to a specific culture (or several), racial or ethnic group(s) (for example). It can also include themes such as whether you were donor conceived or adopted, or what your family setup looks like. 


Whilst identity cannot be summarised in one paragraph the role it takes in our life can be empowering or debilitating and marginalising which can lead to feeling unable to feel good in yourself, it can also lead to a sense of feeling incomplete or that you are not able to live a 'life worth living'. Our sense of identity can also shift with global events, changes in personal life such as loss, or perhaps even the process of growing older.

A phenomenological exploration in therapy can help us understand ourselves as individuals and as part of a wider community, as well as understanding in an open-minded space where we might find ourselves in our identity and what the term means to us. In this exploration the aim is not to pathologise experience and identity but to become intimate with the concept. Being told who you are, or where you fit can be infuriating and painful  - Our relationship with our identity is very important! 

To be clear, in our therapeutic space I will not be here to 'fix', but I will be here to explore with you how you relate to your identity, how you feel you relate to the wider world, how you relate to yourself and what it all means to you. Whilst we will approach this in a therapeutic way, I will largely be providing a safe space to openly express and process sensitive feelings, experiences and emotions such as loneliness, anger, frustration or fear. 

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"those who talk so much about “equality in difference” would be hard put not to grant me that there are differences in equality"
Simone de Beauvoir,

The Second Sex

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