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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is persistent and life altering.

Below I explore how I might work with you in exploring  this area.

Chronic pain is an experience of body and mind.


My own experience with Endometriosis means that I am familiar with the diagnosis processes.


Together we can explore the fears associated with feeling out of control, feeling unsafe or the feelings of loneliness that can emerge when we feel that we are not included in society as we would like to be, especially in part due to the ableism that often is encountered by those who experience chronic pain. Oftentimes people who experience 'invisible' chronic pain are overlooked and disbelieved. I can provide you with a space of acknowledgement and safety. We can explore the impact of the pain on your life. 

In the work, we can look at the physical symptoms in conjunction with your emotional and psychological wellbeing. I might draw from mindfulness-based or somatic approaches to help engage relaxation and for implementation into pain-management exercises. However, my main facilitation might be to work with you to encourage self-confidence as well as a sense of control over your life and an empathetic space to explore the width and breadth of the impact of the chronic pain and the nuances of your own personal experience. 

I might also suggest that clients explore additional routes of self-care and treatment alongside this therapy such as physiotherapy and medical treatments if that feels right and suitable for you. 

In Therapy
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Your lived experience is important. Not knowing when a flare up is coming can be terrifying and life-limiting. Feelings of loss, anger, resentment, hopelessness, as well as the ableism that is experienced can make a person feel so alone. Here I provide a space of togetherness where we can explore your living-with-pain in a way that considers your needs and your personal, nuanced, experience. 

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