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Body Image & Self-Esteem

With the advent of technologies that can edit our physical bodies to be "perfect", and the hyper-fixation on productivity and success 'at all costs', our sense of self and self-esteem is getting hit hard. Below I explore briefly what I mean by this, and also how I might be able to provide some support in this area. 

 In our comparison-driven and fast paced world, low self-esteem and struggles with body image are highly prevalent.


Low-self esteem can impact all areas of life and functionality from our relational health to careers and perhaps even in the development of damaging coping mechanisms such as eating disorders, self-isolation or self-harm. 


In therapy we can challenge difficult behaviour and assumptions about ourselves and others. We can explore the roots of the perceptions and look why and where these beliefs might stem from. Processes involving becoming more attuned to our bodily lived experience may be explored in our work together, we might also dig down to into your self-perception when you were younger.

Through our work the aim will be to help you gain greater self-awareness and awareness of the misleading perfectionistic environment we live in, as well as developing your sense of internal resilience and confidence in your self. 

In Therapy
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“The sky isn’t more beautiful if you have perfect skin. Music doesn’t sound more interesting if you have a six-pack. Dogs aren’t better company if you’re famous. Pizza tastes good regardless of your job title. The best of life exists beyond the things we are encouraged to crave.”
Matt Haig, 'The Comfort Book'

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