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"If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive"
Quote by Brené Brown

Cat van Maanen

About me ...

7 years ago I received my BA(Hons) in Media and English Literature at the University of Brighton. I was initially drawn to the course because of my interest in the human condition, philosophy and the way representation in the media conveys what it means to 'be' (and reading books of course!). I began my working career in the art sector, I worked as a freelancer writer, stylist and worked at several publications. In this period I worked in zine making and created an internationally distributed print zine called CONKER. There I collaborated with artists to create a platform for marginalised voices to share their story through art and literature. This led to me talking on panels for universities, self love events, and a mental health app called Jesey. In 2020 I was nominated for my alma mater’s Alumni Award, created for alumni who had made an impactful contribution to the lives of others.

Whilst my journey has taken me to many interesting and diverse places including working in managerial positions in retail, my desire to create a safer, more accessible and healing environment for everyone is a drive that has permeated every role I have held. 

In 2020 during a period of great social and emotional upheaval, I took the plunge to fully dedicate myself to the rigorous process of becoming a qualified psychotherapist. I haven't looked back since ...

I have personal experience with neurodivergence, challenging life experiences, and chronic pain which has led to my passion for working with specific groups. This also allows me a deeper insight to some of the stigmas and nuances of living life through these experiences both institutionally and relationally despite the very personal nature of them.

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